Tips for Making Your First Short Film – Part 1

Any new filmmaker wants to make his first short film. It’s a medium in which he can truly get to grips with, and take his first steps, in his new profession. It’s also a way of learning the craft by making, and learning from, mistakes. New filmmakers learn quickly that making a film isn’t as simple as gathering a few people together and grabbing a camera and a boom mic. Filmmaking isn’t easy. Making a great film is difficult. It’s hard just to make one that’s average. In fact, even making an awful one takes a large degree of effort. Below are some tips that can help you through the many ups and downs of making your first short film.

Set realistic goals

It’s perfectly fine to have aspirations of grandeur but when it comes to making your first short film, it’s important to apply some reality to your goals and be willing to make mistakes.

As soon as you start to feel that venture capitalists will knock on your door at any moment ready to fully finance your film, you’ll soon realise that every miracle story you’ve heard in filmmaking is just that: a miracle!

Don’t start preparing your Oscar acceptance speech before you’ve begun producing your film. Concentrate on your first goal, which should simply be completing the film. That’s a big accomplishment in itself. Don’t think that the industry will see your film and name you as the next big thing. The great filmmakers aren’t worried about awards and fame, they just want to tell stories in their own way. Focus on what you can control and let the rest take care of itself.

Don’t underestimate the work

Those that have enjoyed success with crowdfunding know that it takes a full-time effort, along with some despair along the way. You’ll need to become a beast on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, along with any other social media outlet that’s relevant to your cause. You’ll need to spend at least a month posting tirelessly on social media, as well as sending out emails.

Through your social media posts, you’ll practically be begging friends, family, and strangers, for money. Their social media feeds will be inundated with your endless requests for money. To meet your goal, you’ll need to spend every second of every day and night until you’ve reached it. With crowdfunding, you may not get a single penny unless you reach your ultimate goal.

Meet your responsibilities

Crowdfunding means that there are certain responsibilities you will be obligated to meet should you achieve your goal. The majority of crowd funding platforms require you to promise packages to your backers, such as their names appearing in the credits, merchandise like t-shirts and posters, and DVD copies. These packages cost money, which will need to be included in your budget. Be aware that your crowdfunding campaign will probably be your last. Your family and friends will only tolerate you asking them for every penny they have the one time.