How to Choose Camera for Video Blogging?

How to Choose Camera for Video Blogging

The demand for video cameras has been decreased in recent years as they have been almost replaced by multifunction cameras and smartphones. However, only professional video cameras have special zoom features, easy operation, excellent stabilization, and other benefits that cannot be found in other video-capable devices. If you are an influencer or your job is directly related to making video blogs, then it is recommended to buy a professional camera. But how to choose the right one?

Type of Device

The modern professional video cameras can be much smaller and lighter than they used to be in the past. They will fit perfectly in your hand, but the professional video camera has better zoom function. Some devices may have a GPS function, 4K movie capability, and many other functions. Still, think carefully about whether you want something small but less powerful, or your goal is an amazing quality. If you care most about compact size, you might even consider buying an action camera like the GoPro. The most important step is to decide what type of camera you need, as it depends on the nature of your work and the subject of your blog.


Currently, the economy-mid-range market is dominated by cameras with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution camcorders and these devices will suffice for many regular users as many of them do not have 2K or 4K monitors or TVs. However, if you have a high-definition TV or monitor, or at least you have serious plans to buy one, consider it might be worth investing more in a device capable of filming in 4K resolution. However, for many ordinary users this type of video cameras is a little too expensive, so if your budget is not that big, you can buy a Full HD video device. Such a device will serve perfectly for many years. Also, in this case, you will need significantly less memory to store your video material.

Special Features

Whether you decide to choose a camera of 4K or lower resolution, you must decide what additional features you need. The LCD screen is a common and practically necessary feature that only a smaller camera does not have. An LCD screen is needed for easier and more convenient operation. Typically, such screens are 2 to 4 inches sizes.

Special Features
Special Features

Image stabilization is a less common feature, but it is very appreciated by users. Usually, the stabilization can be electronic or optical. Some devices use both technologies, but optical stabilization is more effective. Full Auto Control is available on virtually all devices, and it makes your filming easier as white balance, focus and other settings are adjusted automatically. Optical zoom uses optical lenses, as a result, some cameras can zoom in up to 50x! This is a great feature if you often plan to film concerts or any objects from afar.

Wi-Fi is still a niche feature, but the new models of cameras have it. Wi-Fi function allows you to connect your camera to other devices wirelessly, making data transfer much more convenient. Some devices even have an NFC connection, which is enough to touch your phone to the camcorder to transfer data. This function is very convenient if you are planning to do live blogging sessions.