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Creating Your First Demo Reel

If you’re looking to make money as a videographer, there’s a very important thing you’ll need besides talent and equipment, a demo a reel. A reel is a presentation card for any aspiring videographer. It’s what potential clients or employers will see before deciding to hire you. As such, it needs to be professional, engaging, […]

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Practical Tips for Shooting Amazing Wedding Videos

Whether you look at videography as a hobby or a serious career, chances are you’ll have to shoot a wedding at some point. While it’s probably one of the challenging types of video you’ll have to do at the beginning of your career, it will be just as an enriching. Wedding videos aren’t easy but […]

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How to Find a Niche as a Video Producer

Now that everyone has a functioning camera right in their pocket, the market for video producers has become really crowded. Everyone’s making and uploading videos to multiple platforms at all times and they don’t even have to invest in a fancy camera, it’s all possible with even the cheapest smartphone. This means that any newcomers […]

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Tips for Making a Great Sports Video

Every kind of video has its own challenges, but few are as difficult to make as sports videos. After all, a good sports video isn’t just about the quality of the image, it needs to capture the spirit of the moment and the emotion involved as well. Sports videos require more than a good camera. […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Videographer for an Event

Planning an event is all about choosing the right venue, making sure to pick the right menu, curating the guest list, and providing the right entertainment. But none of that will matter if there’s no one to capture the moment. Even though nowadays most phones have more than adequate cameras to shoot some high-quality pictures […]

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How to Become a Professional Videographer

Becoming a professional videographer or filmmaker isn’t easy, whether you’ve thought about it for a long time or are just realizing it’s your passion, you’ll need to prepare and plan accordingly. Videographers need to learn how to express an idea through moving images and master their equipment before they can aspire to gain any money […]

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